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Aaronia Drone Detector安诺尼无人机侦测系统

Protect your privacy and make sure of your physical security保护隐私和确保人身安全

After 4 years of development Aaronia introduces its new Drone Detection System. The Aaronia Drone Detector is used to detect the incursion of unwanted drones, based on the directional real-time measurement of the electromagnetic emissions of drones. It warns the operator when drones are in the area and send alerts.
The system has no limitation in detection range, usually the detection range is the same as the usable distance from the operator to the drone (or better) so it always depends on the transmitter power of the drone/operator. Depending on the drone type it could be several km / miles without problems.


频率范围9 kHz到20GHz


The drone detector is based on the Aaronia IsoLOG 3D antenna, a real-time Spectrum Analyzer (XFR V5 PRO or RF Command Center) and a special software plugin for the RTSA Suite software. All parts combined allow a 24/7 monitoring and recording with a gapless data-streaming (up to 4TB/day). The system saves considerable measurement time and is compact and flexible. It can be set up at any place you need to control.

无人机侦测系统由Aaronia IsoLOG 3D测向天线、实时频谱仪(XFR V5 PRO或RF Command Center)和结合RTSA Suit实时频谱软件的侦测专用软件。

所有部件组合允许7x24小时的监测并记录无缝数据流(高达4TB /天)。该系统紧凑灵活,节省大量测量时间,并且可以安装在任何您需要控制的区域。

Aaronia Drone Detector can be used anywhere无人机侦测系统几乎可以使用在任何地方

The drone detection system can be used virtually anywhere. Typical use scenarios are the protection of residential areas, governmental buildings and commercial / industrial areas like nuclear plants. Available as single-side or multiple-side solution the system is adjustable to the characteristics of the terrain to be monitored.


Drones can be more than just an annoyance无人机不仅仅是一个烦恼

The rapid proliferation of micro/mini UAVs is a growing potential threat to national and commercial security. Easy to make, cheap to buy, simple to fly, and hard to detect, commercial and noncommercial available drones are one of the most quickly evolving technological threats to military and civilian interests.
A commercial drone reportedly alarmed the Secret Service in March 2015 when the aircraft flew too close to President Barack Obama during a round of golf in Florida. And a man was detained in May 2015 for trying to fly a drone near the White House. Perhaps most famously, there was the drone which a drunken US government employee plowed into the White House lawn. In Japan, a man landed a small drone on the rooftop of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's office.


The Aaronia Drone Detector is developed, individually manufactured and calibrated in Germany. This guarantees highest standards.


Single Side Solution单点解决方案

The single side solution is ready to use within a few minutes only. Based on a stationary or mobile Spectrum Analyzer (see page 6) and the 3D direction finding antenna IsoLOG 3D, this solution is the first choice for surveillance of small areas, e.g. a house.

单点解决方案,只需几分钟准备就可以使用。基于一个移动或固定的实时频谱仪和IsoLOG 3D测向天线,该解决方案是小面积监控的首选方案,例如一栋房子等。

Multiple Sides Solution多点解决方案

The multi solution consists of several antennas and analyzers, coupled together to one centralized monitoring PC which manages all systems simultaneously. The advantage of the multi solution is the possibility to triangulate the readings. This leads to a very high tracking accuracy.
Further the multi solution can combine an unlimited number of receivers, thus it′s suitable to protect very large areas e.g. industry plants, stadiums, government buildings etc.

多点解决方案由多个天线和实时频谱仪组成,然后集中在一台监控计算机上同时管理所有系统。 多点解决方案的优点是可实现三角测量定位,这样可以实现非常高的跟踪精度。并且多点解决方案可由不限数量的接收机组成,因此适合保护非常大的区域,如工业厂房、体育场馆、政府大楼等。

RF & Drone Detector Plugin for Aaronia RTSA Suite
射频&无人机侦测插件(配合RTSA Suit

The drone detection software offers an intuitive layout combined with powerful tracking, trigger and display options helping to identify, capture and track any RF emissions from drones/UAV′s or other RF sources up to 20GHz. Each sector/antenna gets its own real-time view, which allows to identify the exact direction the drone is coming from. Customizable alarms or pop-ups guarantees an early warning for the operator/user.